Born with a global vision and entrepreneurial soul, we are creative designers of kitchenware products based in Turkey. To create our innovative, modern and functional products we always keep up with the market trends and observe consumer behaviors closely. As such, we constantly manage to present to the consumers the most adorable and handy kitchenware with a wide range of variety in terms of style, color, design and material.

Design & Development.

By monitoring and understanding the needs and expectations of end-users, we try lots of design ideas lots of times till we make it to the perfect end.

We team up with our manufacturers and try the optimum pricing so that we also distinguish with competitive and affordable prices.


After a long time spent on the ideation, brainstorming and the feedbacks from the consumers we come out with our unique designs.

We are well aware of the fact that; when it comes to cooking, it’s not just the act of cooking a meal in the kitchen. Making your breakfast, lunch, dinner or your drinks… It’s something that you should be enjoying while spending time in your kitchen. And we want to be a part of this joy with our pots, pans, trays and all other utensils.


An experienced team that understands you.

From designing processes to communication and delivery on your door wherever you are, we are an international team with an experience in global trade for over 10 years.

We provide consultancy with product & package design, international payment & shipping terms as a whole package service to ensure our business with you runs smoothly.

Our Culture.

We truly believe that, without an enjoyable working culture, Doran Hagen is nothing but an average entity with average offerings.

To provide the best level of service to our customer, it’s crucial to have happy employees that feel to be a part of each success. That’s how we see ourselves: everyone of us is the chief, worker, boss and owner of the company.

Let's build something great together!